Gail Posner Fine Art

I am inspired by my love for the Southwest, especially the high desert landscape of Northern New Mexico. I connect with the history of place and the ever changing beauty of the landscape. I love the tactile quality of the pastel going on the paper, the immediacy of the medium, and having an array of colors at my fingertips. The colors, textures and seasons of the earth lend themselves well to the media of pastel painting. It is my intention as a painter to capture a sacred feeling of place in my work.

My painting has been a healing force in my life. It provides me with an emotional connection between my artistic process and my life journey. By returning to favorite locations, I am renewed in my inspiration, and guided in exploring my artistic growth. As a pastel artist, I want to provide the viewer with the sense of peace and connection to the beauty of the Southwest that I feel.

© 2013 Gail Posner
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